Archive | September, 2017

Employee Compliance Cost Businesses Thousands

If you’re in the construction business and have gotten bigger in size over the year then you sure as hell have employees. Once you got a good home remodeling crew, a fantastic concrete group, or you are a framer and have some good-ol-boys that can frame things up in no time at all, you want to […]

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Build Your Construction Business Like McDonald’s Makes Burgers

It’s often been said that McDonald’s is a billion-dollar company that is run by teenagers. If you’ve ever looked up at their signs that say billions and billions served, it’s hard to believe that a bunch of teenagers could do so much. But how? And how can you take some of the lessons that were […]

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How To Mount A TV Easily By Yourself

You look at this thing every single day. It’s a huge piece of your living room. It’s there for all those great occasions like the Super Bowl, Christmas movies, family movie night, and even there when you play the latest and greatest video games. That’s right, talking about here is your flat screen TV. And […]

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