Part 2 – Starting your own Handyman Business

Handyman Service In Santa Barbara, CA
Handyman Service In Santa Barbara, CA

Following the success of our previous post about the positives and advantages of starting a handyman service business in your town, we decided to add some more information about the topic.

With so many businesses out there starting up in the construction industry, it’s easy to be left behind with little to know work if you try to enter in new.

Contractor businesses such as roofers, painters, drywall, framers, and remodelers usually have the entire market to themselves. A lot of these people in these industries have been around for 20+ years and pretty much get all of their work from word of mouth. It takes a tremendous amount of time to get that established.

It’s all predicated on trust. Let’s say that you were in the market for a new roof. It is a massive project to undertake and you are going to seek out someone you trust. Since you don’t know a roofer personally, you are going to look for people you know and trust that had a great experience with installing a new roof. Whoever they say or recommend, you’re going to go with them right?

This is why it’s so difficult for a new roofer, or any other contractor industry to get started. Heck, even a business like those junk removal service providers has a difficult time starting things out. Jobs will be extremely hard to come by and they will have to spend a hefty portion of whatever money they earn on additional advertising. Things like Yelp, Homeadvisor, Google Ads, old-school mailers can cost a fortune. We heard contractors pay into the thousands to get a good amount of work back.

If you are a licensed contractor you, more than likely busted your behind to get that license and spent a lot of money on it. Why not start things out as a handyman. It may not seem at that lucrative at first, but give it time. The work will begin to pay off.

Every single day, hundreds of people need something fixed or installed in their homes. There are also property management companies that constantly seek handymen out.

Another remarkable thing to take into account is the ease of marketing your handyman service business. These days, placing an ad on Craigslist, for example, cost a measly $5. This is a recent change that took place it used to be free but charging people has really filtered out the spammers and scuzzy businesses.

You can also hand out business cards over to property management companies. The amount of work these companies need will blow your mind. Think about. Property managers are in the business of keeping the rentals homes off of the minds off of their owners at all times. They are hired to take care of everything and anything that happens to the homes they manage. If something breaks (which will inevitably) who are they gonna call? You of course!

Do a terrific job at everything you do and the good word will spread. Install a toilet flawlessly. Install that new ceiling fan as they expert that you are. Caulk windows, bathtubs and sinks with the utmost care. Repair a screen door better than the screen repair guy can do it and watch as the work begins to pour in.

Another thing that will take place is that you will begin to see what your town is in real need for. You might be surprised to see that the town is older and roofs are in constant disarray and need of re-roofing. You may see that people are a little more affluent than you thought and many are looking for room additions or remodels.

Becoming a handyman has its many advantages besides the initial money you will make. It will open up the opportunity to something you may have never thought of before.

Special thanks to our friends over at Santa Maria Handyman Services for letting us use some of their images and their input on the industry.

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